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Annexa 4

PI: Alvin Schmaier, MD
Sponsor: Portola Pharmaceuticals

UH is the only site in Northeast Ohio for the Annexa 4 Trial. We are currently enrolling patients who present with an intracranial hemorrhage and are taking the newer anticoagulants Xarelto, Eliquis, Edoxaban, or Lovenox, and require urgent reversal of the anticoagulant.

Inclusion Criteria:
• Must have taken the anticoagulant within 18 hours (over 18 hrs is exclusion)
• Must be 18 years of age
• Must sign the informed consent or have a legally authorized representative to sign
• Must have the need for an urgent reversal of anticoagulation, with no intervention

Exclusion Criteria:
• Patient scheduled for surgery within 12 hours
• Glascow coma score <7
• Estimated intracerebral hematoma volume >60cc as assessed by CT/MRI
• Patient has had a stroke, MI, TIA, DIC, severe vascular disease or unstable angina hospitalization within 2 weeks
• Patient has received warfarin, dabigatran, PCC, K-Centra, NovoSeven within 7 days
• Patient treated with investigational drug within 30 days

Please contact Carla Kinder, RN CRC II, with any questions regarding the Annexa 4 Trial: 216-844-2988 or pager 33910.