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Two New Specialists Staffing Up West Side Urology ‘Hub’ at UH St. John Medical Center

Robotic surgery and minimally invasive UroLift procedure for BPH among services offered

UH Clinical Update - October 2018

There’s no substitute for receiving medical care close to home.

“From the patient’s perspective, in terms of having people visit and coordinating care with their healthcare team, it’s easier when everyone is local,” says new UH urologist Jason Jankowski, MD.

UH is continuing its investment in this idea with a West Side urology ‘hub’ based at UH St. John Medical Center. Dr. Jankowski and urologist Adam Klein, MD, are the two most recent additions. Dr. Jankowski is returning to UH, where he did his urology residency training, after 10 years in private practice in Columbus. He also completed fellowship training in urologic oncology at City of Hope National Medical Center. Dr. Klein recently completed his urology residency training at Buffalo General Medical Center.

“I was impressed by the UH St. John facility itself, the people here and the leadership,” Dr. Klein says. “There are the plans, the personnel and resources to build up a West Side urology hub.”

Both Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Klein will see patients and perform surgery at UH St. John Medical Center, although Dr. Jankowski will also perform some procedures at UH Elyria Medical Center and UH Seidman Cancer Center at main campus.

In their practice at UH St. John Medical Center, both Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Klein will be using the recently purchased da Vinci robot.

“It’s to the point that it’s almost become the standard of care for prostate and kidney cancer surgery,” Dr. Jankowski says.
Another relatively new offering at UH St. John is the UroLift procedure.

“UroLift is a treatment for enlarged prostate that results in obstructive voiding dysfunction,” Dr. Klein says. “Suture-like implants are placed into the gland. Part of the tissue curtains to allow urine to pass more easily. What’s unique about it is that it doesn’t involve destruction of any tissue, unlike the other forms of treatment that are the standard of care. There are a lot of great minimally invasive options, but this one is particularly easy on patients. It’s also the only one that guarantees no interference with erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction. People can get back to their normal routines very quickly with a minimum of irritating symptoms afterward. It’s something quick and relatively easy and painless for all parties that as far as I am aware, isn’t being offered on the West Side or to any great extent in the Cleveland area.”

As they help establish the urology ‘hub’ at UH St. John, both Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Klein point to the importance of patient communication and referring physician access.

“It’s important to make sure communication is clear, plans are clear and expectations are accurate,” Dr. Klein says. “I try to explain ranges of outcomes and natural courses of things. I think it’s important that patients feel they’ve been cared for as people, not problems.”

“With our schedules, there is always someone here at UH St. John,” Dr. Jankowski adds. “You don’t have to look hard to find us – you know that we’re going to be there. There’s always access to either one of us, whether the patient is an inpatient or an outpatient. Good communication, access and expertise – those are the three pillars.”


For more information about Dr. Jankowski or Dr. Klein or to refer a patient, please call 440-617-4726.


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